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Thursday Morning

Remember how people love to hit my husband's car and leave notes on it? Last night just after 5pm someone did the same to me. We've lived here almost 9 years and never had anyone hit a car in the parking lot until last night. The woman scraped the left rear bumper and got some black paint on it. My husband got most of it off just by wiping it. I'll get it washed and see how it looks after that.

I had an 8am appointment with my gastro or so I thought. The scheduler booked the appointment for 2/23/05 before I was even a patient!!!! My doctor wasn't even in the office today. Now I have an appointment for next week in the afternoon. I suppose I should stop taking days off for his appointments, shouldn't I?

Today I received an official rejection from Seal Press. I wasn't expecting to hear from them. They received nearly 200 entires for the anthology and picked 20 of them to be published. The letter said they enjoyed my piece but weren't able to use it in the book. Too many pieces covered the same material. My sister-in-law thought I should focus on one thing and she was probably right. That would have made it stand out from others.

At 1pm I'm meeting with a financial advisor about the money my mother gave to me.

I plan on watching an episode of Bones today and eating some yummy BW3 food.
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