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I saw my gastroenterologist today. He's happy with how I'm doing so he won't be on any new medication just yet. My belly was soft and he said my face isn't looking as puffy as when I was on the steroids. My next appointment is in August. If I need refills before then I'm supposed to give his office a call.

I've been reading Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. For the longest time I hated the format of the book (the print is justified) and her descriptions took so long and seemed so pointless. Now that the main character and her sister are in high school it's getting much better for me.

I've been listening to Rebecca by Daphne du Marier on CD. For the first 7 chapters I thought the main character was a big whiner. I'm starting to like her a little more now that she's at Manderlay.

Tonight my husband drove to Cleveland for a movie. Usually I get to eat fish, relax and not do too much when he's gone. I did have salmon for dinner but I feel like I've been working non-stop. The virus that we had seems to have allowed a trojan onto the computer. I couldn't boot past a black screen when I got home but things are much better now. Norton found a file but can't get rid of it or repair it. In addition to what I normally use I've downloaded SpyBot which helped make the pc run faster. It took me a while to delete most of the files that seemed to cause the infection. Downloading and installing XP Service Pack 2 took about two hours.

I'm ready for bed.
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