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Friday Afternoon Update

Zilla finally calmed down around 10:30pm last night. He stopped barking but would whine every once in a while because I was in the office working on the computer. Everything was taking so long because we have filled up just over 70gig of the 80gig hard drive. When I built the PC I didn’t buy a bigger hard drive because I didn’t think we would need so much space. But this was before we started downloading music from iTunes or burned compilation CDs for friends.

I was surprised when I saw my car this morning. It’s so dirty! The front license plate has iced over snow on it. It’s so opaque you can’t read it. In Columbus it couldn’t decide if it would rain or snow but apparently in Cleveland it was snowing.

Last night one of the things I did get accomplished was contacting someone for payment for some stories I wrote for his site. This morning I got an email stating he’d have the money for me in a few hours. He’s a man of his word! It feels nice to have a little bit of extra money. The writing isn’t my best work but it’s true… the more you write, the better you get.
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