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So ~E~ tells me this morning about how the pseudo-manager at work knows how much I hate him and so he will do things to egg me on or keep me picking at him because he thinks it's funny. This is no surprise because he does it to ~E~ also but everyone likes to do it to ~E~. She gets so sarcastic it's funny. I just see more red.

I should sign up for the meditation or yoga class at the library. I bet he never thought about how stress impacts my disease. I wonder if I could get him in trouble with HR for harassment? That's just wishful thinking on my part. I had lunch with him on Monday and just let his talk about wrestling, etc. go in one ear and out the other. I commented to my husband that my recent feelings where I wished dismemberment and pain on the fellow was from the steriods I was taking. My husband's response was, "No, you really hate him." I guess he's right.

~E~ and I are planning on seeing Kathy Griffin next month. :)
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