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Shoes, Movies, Food and an Addiction

For work I usually wear a pair of Cherokee Brown Loafers. I can't tell you when I bought them. It was so long ago the soles are broken and the shoes hurt my feet. On days when I can get away with it, I've been wearing my black winter boots so I won't have to wear the loafers. I swore to my husband that Thursday evening was the last time I ever wanted to wear them. I was going to buy a new pair this weekend come hell or high water. I ordered a new pair tonight. They should be here Thursday or Friday.

This week we saw Entre Nous and Isabelle Huppert, A Life of Acting. I didn't like the first movie much - I might have seen it before. The documentary on Isabelle Huppert was okay. I did enjoy seeing the old films of her as a child. She's always been an actress. :)

My husband took me to lunch at a fairly new restaurant in town called Bodega. Half of the menu was salads. The other half was panini sandwiches. The sandwich was so big I'm going to have the other half for my lunch.

The Jeni's ice cream down the street looks like it's about to open. I got a pint of Salty Carmel from the one in the North Market.

I confessed my addiction to Coke to my husband today. I'd been trying to drink the C2 but it's just not the same. I have to go back to the hard stuff.
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