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The Woman is On Fire!!

I am so hot right now, I'm going to a movie in 15 minutes to cool off!!

I worked an early shift today and ended up leaving a half hour earlier than I was supposed to. I got so much done!

  • Got food for Zilla to last two weeks.

  • Got misc. office supplies for house.

  • Registered with health insurance web site.

  • Told health insurance to pay husband's claims because we have no secondary insurance.

  • Called refill place for husband and asked for refill. (Waiting on them to verify insurance and call back.)

  • Called travel agent like our itinerary said to.

  • Wrote a letter to Delta for SkyMiles name change.

  • Looked up airfares to Germany.

Looking at the list now it doesn't seem like a lot but these are little things that have been building up that I've needed to do. After the movie I'll email my mother the hotel and flight information.

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