dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

So Tired!

I have been working the early shift so far this week but I stayed up late last night and thought I'd go in a little later. I couldn't sleep.

There is snow on the ground. I don't want to go outside.

The new loafers shipped on Monday. I wore the horrible ones to work yesterday.

When I got up yesterday I was lightheaded and dizzy. I thought it was because I didn't eat much the night before. Having breakfast and then a bagel a little later helped but until the bagel I was still feeling the same at work. My Crohn's was acting up yesterday evening. We had marinated baked chicken last night. I can only think there was somehow too much oil in the marinade. My body could be all messed up from the early shift as well. Maybe I'll feel better later.

I loved, loved, loved Cache last night. During the trailers I leaned over and told my husband what a fantastic time I was having. He asked me later what I meant. We haven't gone to movies at the place around the corner lately and that's what we did last night. Ten minutes before the movie started we give Zilla the slip (he thinks we're going to go out the back door and he wants to come with us) by sneaking out the front door. We do a power walk (which my husband is likely to put me through in New York) to the movie theater. I get yummy buttery popcorn with my favorite buttery salt and a Coke. We sit down towards the front and while we're taking off our coats I feel a hand on my shoulder. One of my husband's friends is two rows behind us saying hello. I was anticipating the film equivalent of an Ian McEwan novel and that's what I got.
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