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What a Day!

Hubby has been sick and spewing weird bits of random thoughts throughout the day. I would think he was on laughing gas or something but he doesn't have any prescriptions for anything like that. I have resolved he will do the grocery shopping for a few weeks after we get back from New York. I hope he'll be ready for travel on Saturday morning. We are leaving early!

I dropped Zilla off at my mom's house. I was there a long time to review some funeral costs with her. She also wanted to show me all of her hiding places and point out specific things. For instance, there's a bowl she has which I think is just okay. It was her grandmother's and has been appraised at $300 - $500. I probably would have gotten rid of it without a second thought if I hadn't known. It's good she's showing things to me now just in case something happens to her.

Now I have dishes to clean and green rice krispie treats to make for tomorrows St. Patrick's Day celebration at work.

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