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It's Friday...

The pub down the street is owned by an Irish family. Fortunately, "down the street" translates into three long blocks away. They have an annual St. Patrick's Day party where they expand the pub using a tent that takes up the entire parking lot. I haven't seen any mention of it this year, but they will charge admission and give the proceeds to charity. The bad news is that since the parking lot is in use and they have more patrons people are looking for parking spaces in the neighborhood. I don't think we've ever had anyone park in our lot though.

I hit snooze for 1.5 hours this morning and finally got to work at 8:30am after I picked up a sugar-free cake with green and purple sprinkles on some of the icing. My husband stayed home from work until late in the afternoon. The pizza that was ordered for lunch was good and the sherbert punch one of the planners made was good. One planner forgot to bring soda and candy. The other one forgot to post pictures, etc. during the week so more people ate pizza than brought desserts or side dishes. A lot of people had the day off work. We had planned on giving people gold coins and a "Luck 'O the Irish" scratch-off lottery card but as I said, the one person forgot the candy. I didn't get the scratch-offs because they were $2 which would have been $56 in total and my boss wasn't even sure I'd get paid back for it. I was like... forget that!

I had no emails at work until 4pm and then it was Bam! Bam! Bam! That was when I was planning on leaving so I didn't get to leave until 4:30pm. Once home I got all settled and remembered I had a prescription waiting to be picked up. Now that I've been home for an hour, I'm sleepy. I think I will lie down for a half hour then walk over to the pharmacy.

Last week I joined a new community for my area. I am so surprised by how busy it is; some days the posts fill up my friends page. Most of the communities I belong to have long periods of no posts. nanoljers has always been the most active. Right behind it is ohiobookparty which gets about four posts a month. haha

The site I write for now has a third writer. I think the person needs to get some more practice... but the pacing is good. My husband has given me some consistent feedback on the last few stories I wrote saying that I'm rushing things or that the action comes out of nowhere. I will try to work on that. I don't think I'm a horrible writer. I believe I have some talent though it isn't often when I see a phrase or section of a story I wrote and think, "Damn! Did that come from me?" When I was doing a quick edit of my NaNoWriMo Novel I read a few passages I didn't even remember writing. That was a weird feeling. But it was good too.

I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight. The apartment seems empty with no dog or husband around. I am not even sure what time my husband will be home tonight.

With any luck, I'll get to meet up with michaeljr915 this weekend for dinner or something. If not, I'll see a movie or do some writing.
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