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Live from New York... It's Saturday Night!

My husband made that comment yesterday and it's been stuck in my head ever since.

The plane ride was fine. Unfortunately, things got worse for me after that. I think whatever bug my husband had infected me. We had "breakfast" at Zabar's. I had a sourdough bagel from H&H Bagels across the street from it. My stomach had been feeling queasy and the bagel made it feel better.

New York has been welcoming and one of the first dogs I got to see was a beautiful blonde Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art is where my illness decided to strike in full force. One of my most humiliating experiences to date. At least nothing ended up on any art work. I met an unusual woman whose adult son drove in from New Jersey to spend the day with her.

Because of my illness, my husband missed one of the things he wanted to do for work (we got something we had to do out of the way first. Check-in time at our hotel is 3pm and it wasn't ready until shortly after 3pm. I slept while my husband headed out to do the other thing for his work that was planned for today. I didn't feel much better after he came back so I sent him out to get dinner and go to the theater like we had originally planned. I think the tickets we got was for Zomboid! I had picked it because it definitely wasn't something we could see at home.

I've watched a few Animal Cops from Houston and now have Spirited Away on the tv. I'll try to get some sleep again in a few minutes or start to read the book I brought with me.

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