dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Forgot To Mention...

Thursday at lunch was pretty funny. My boss is addicted to VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom). He has a desktop and started bringing his work laptop to his apartment. I guess you can exchange items but not money with other characters. He created a character that buys things and then gives them to his main one. I was teasing him about being a gamer because he two-boxes, has a mule, and is in danger of twinking. I was talking a completely different language. It was funny explaining the terms to him.

Friday he was gone so I did a tour of our department for four new salespeople. It went really well! They were engaged, interested in what we do, asked good questions, etc. They said I gave the best presentation they’d been to all week. They also said I was the most cheerful person they’d been around. A Senior VP stopped by to say hello to them before we got started. He mentioned he’d been in Manhattan over the weekend. I said I had been there as well and he kind of ignored me to talk to the salespeople. I figured either he didn’t hear me or I’ve somehow gotten on his crap list without knowing it. Either way, I can take it as another sign to move on.

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