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After the reading on Tuesday, we went home and I picked out my next book to read. It is A Year in Provence. My husband found a letter and a card inside. They are from a woman to her therapist.

Wednesday was the Found! event at OSU. I left the letter and card at home without even thinking about it - I should have brought them! Davy Rothbart started the evening reading some of his favorite finds. He does voices of the people - you can tell he's read them quite a bit. He took a break and his brother sang some songs he's written based on the finds. One person found a tape titled "The Booty Tape" which consisted of several kids singing songs about booty... and it was easy to know the title of each song because most of the songs consisted of the same lines being read time and time again. He made his own version of the "The Booty Don't Stop" song. Davy said the song would stick in your head - and it is! The chorus, a few days later, will just randomly start up again.

If you get a chance to see this, then you should. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't found myself really laughing and enjoying myself much as of late. Between Dave Eggers and Davy Rothbart, I had two great nights of laughter and fun.

After the Found! event we went to The Short North Tavern. My friend from work, Elizabeth, followed me from work to the Found! event. She doesn't get out much and had a recent break-up with her boyfriend of 6 years. I thought this would be of interest to her so I invited her to come join us. We all sat together and laughed and laughed. It's not a PG-13 event so be prepared for some language and sexual content. On Tuesday night we saw a chalk message inviting Claire Danes to come to Mirror Lake. We thought it was wishful thinking. Before the Found! event started we heard from a friend who works at a local paper that Claire Danes, Adrian Grenier and Diedrich Bader were all in town. I didn't catch the reason why, but I think it's to encourage people to vote.

My husband was sent an invitation to a "get together" with Martin Sheen and Chad Lowe for tonight. The cost was $250 a person. However, if you paid $500 you got a bus ride and a ticket to the Bruce Springsteen Vote for Change concert tonight. It's nice he was given that opportunity but we don't have that kind of money to just spend on things like that. We're driving not-so-great cars (mine leaks oil and has no air conditioning) and the monitor on our PC is fuzzy which is the main reason why I'm not playing EQ as much as I had been. I can't play for more than 4 hours before I start to feel like my eyes are seeing double of everything.

Anyway, I had never been to the Short North Tavern and neither had Elizabeth. The event was kind of early so we were all pretty hungry. My husband said the menu seemed to be shortened quite a bit from the last time he ate there. We were there until 10:30pm and I was so tired! When my husband excused himself to go the restroom, she said that she was really glad that we had all gotten together. She was going to send emails to her two best friends (who both live out of state) and tell them what she did that night.

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