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The last few days have been taken up with movies. Sunday we saw V for Vendetta. It was pretty good. We have the graphic novel but I haven't read it yet. In discussing it with my husband, we decided that Alan Moore is one heck of a writer. He asked his name be taken off the credits for the movie, but I understand the ideas were used pretty effectively by The Wachowski Brothers. Again, I could just be babbling since I haven't read the graphic novel yet.

Spike Lee shows his brilliance again with Inside Man. He didn't write it, but the character are real in that no one is 100% good or 100% bad... except for maybe Daryl Mitchell. It was good to see him again. I know he's not been away from acting; I just haven't seen him.

Yesterday we saw A Cock and Bull Story. It was pretty funny.

The person we had dinner with on Saturday evening wrote my husband a nice email as a follow-up to the weekend activities. He's really quite a charmer when he wants to be but he just seems like an all around nice person. It was sweet of him to mention me in the email.

I can't (and won't) place a finger on who has been the nicest person I've met over the years because they've all been nice. (I do kick myself sometimes for not going to the after-party with Christine Vachon.) All of them have movies as their primary source of income which can make a person full of himself but they're all really normal people. I am afraid at some point my husband's luck will run out and he'll have to deal with someone difficult.

Sunday night Zilla was funny. He jumped up on the bed and laid down between me and my husband. We hadn't pulled the covers up yet. When we did he didn't move. Zilla normally doesn't sleep under the covers. He had his back to me and was facing my husband. It was as if Zilla wanted to know what it's like to sleep like a human. Eventually he got up and backed away... still under the covers. He laid down at the end of the bed and my feet were able to touch his head. After a little while he started to move around so I flipped up part of the covers with my foot. He stuck his head out and panted very heavily. I asked him, "Were you hot in there with your fur coat?" Of course he didn't answer me, but he did manage to get on top of the covers after that.

I went to a "discount pet store" after work to get him some food. I'll check at the regular store, but I think the discount on the five pound bag was 2 cents.
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