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I didn't go to a movie tonight as planned so I would have more time to write. It was only 50 minutes. I shaved 30 minutes off my lunch so I could leave work at 3:30pm.

I need things to be a certain way when I write. I need an atmosphere that is somewhat quiet and orderly. One thing I can't have is a whining dog.

He's been whining nearly from the time I got home to the last 30 minutes. Now he's barking and woofing at non-existent things. We went for a walk which felt like 30 minutes but was 15. During that time I managed to lose my housekeys. Fortunately, they fell out of my pocket in our backyard so I didn't have to look for them very long.

I have some self-imposed writing deadlines that I want to reach before April 1st. I dropped three things I was going to do in April that required entry fees so I wouldn't feel so much pressure.

  • Write two more stories for a site before the end of the month. (I have half of one and am nearly finished with another.)

  • Start and finish my Lemony Snicket story entry. Only done brainstorming so far. (Deadline 4/1/06)

  • Finish Summer 2006 The First Line entry. I think I have 800 or so words done. (Deadline 5/1/06)

  • Do some drabbles for my local group.

  • Finish book review query letter for

It bothers me that we've had dirty dishes in the sink since we got back. I cleaned nearly all of them. I have a load of clothes in the dryer waiting for me to hang them up. It bothers me that my husband hasn't updated Quicken since the 10th. I know he's not had time during our vacation or the first few days after we got back. The reasonable side of me knows this. I know we aren't going to bounce anything if it's not done for a few more days, but I know there are bills due and I would rather pay them sooner rather than later. I have always been like that. Starting in April we won't have checks every week because my husband's pay cycle is changing. I don't want to have all the bills messed up because they didn't get paid on time this month.

So now I've paralyzed myself and I can't write.
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