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Sunday Afternoon

The last month or so I've been corresponding with someone I met via a forum for a writing magazine. I just answered a question she asked and since then we've been communicating via message boards and emails. She's German and lives in Germany but writes in English. She wrote a contest entry due in May and I just sent her the critique about 12 hours ago. Boy was she excited. She'd type a question then answer it herself like a person does when talking out loud or having a conversation with someone. It is so cute! Enthusiasm was just popping off the page.

My local writing group didn't mention anything about getting together in March and no word yet on April. The drabbles posted each week get fewer and fewer. This was about when it fizzled last year so I think it will go the way of the dodo bird again. Disappointing.

I didn't get to do any of my own writing last night. I saw High School last night with a row of high school kids behind me. They were kind of annoying but also cute too. Two girls were whispering before the movie which was distracting me from reading but I know they were just being polite. Then a girl behind me commented on the elevator music before the movie which was a jazz CD. Frederick Wiseman answered questions afterwards. I think he's a sharp fellow. His editing has been influenced by the books he's read. I haven't seen any of this other movies (I stayed home Friday night instead of seeing two of them) yet but I get the feeling he's picked documentary subjects that are timeless. Anyway... by the time I got milk at the grocery and something to eat I was too pooped to write.

Today we're celebrating Easter with my parents. I thought I would take Zilla with us but now I don't think so. On one hand it would be good to give him a change of pace (he loves my parents and if the little kids are there then he gets time with kids) and my parents can see him before his 10th birthday. On the other hand, we're going to use our 15% off coupon at Barnes and Noble today and I don't want to leave him in the car. It's kind of overcast so I don't think he would overheat but I just don't like leaving him in a car unattended.

The clocks moved forward an hour so I lazed about in bed most of the morning. The laptop was right there but I ignored it.
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