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Is it Friday Yet?

I am furious with my employer.

The person who brought on our help desk solutions was put in charge of a dedicated hardware troubleshooting/dispatching solution. She's going to be an offshoot of our department and report to someone else who hasn't been hired yet. I assume they are offering her the same deal they offered me when I was asked to take my current position. More work and no extra money. The management team was told it was a possibility that she'd leave us but didn't get confirmation until last week. She was told to drop our newest customer (who went live today) as soon as possible. There is still major work to be done for this customer. No one has said what's to happen to the monthly reports and other things she does for four of our older customers (only two require a lot of work). We just had a major person leave the company and most of her work was given to me and this other person. My boss even made a comment that it's good the other person is still in our department to do the billing today that the other person used to do. Naturally I assume everything she picked up and used to do will go to me since these customers have their phone calls answered by my team. Today it was announced we got a new customer who plans on going live on May 1st. Since we don't have anyone who implements our help desk solutions anymore I was told it would be me.

Let's see... we're going to meet the customer on the 11th which gives me two weeks to do discovery, write documentation, train the support specialists, and train this company's end-users on our call tracking system. Then I have a quarterly customer meeting on the 18th (either here or in Akron). Plus I have a customer report due tomorrow, and two more due on the 15th. The quarterly report must be printed and bound before the 18th. I'm supposed to somehow have weekly meetings with our newest customer, complete monthly reviews for my team members, and handle any questions or situations that come up. Oh... and I'm going to lose 2 - 3 team members to this dedicated hardware troubleshooting/dispatching solution which means I'll have to start conducting phone and one-on-one interviews in about two weeks.

My boss said, "I've never implemented a Help Desk before so you'll really be doing all the work on this one. It's not a demotion or anything like that." Demotion? How can it possibly be a demotion to do everything butanswer the telephones? Even then my boss told a customer I would answer their phone calls if I saw they had some waiting in the queue. (I already do some intranet updates and handle some of the Telecom work for the department.)

It's almost laughable.

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