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Not bad

Yesterday ended up being a not bad kind of day. My new employee is a talker. I spoke with him twice yesterday and he went on for 15 minutes each time. I know quite a few personal details about him and his wife's family. His last job was as a computer operator and this is his first tech support job.

Last night my husband and I went to The Pixies concert last night. We had front row center tickets. The show was great. There was a guitar solo Joey Santiago did where first it sounded like a helicopter was there in the auditorium and then it sounded like there was a train. They were all obviously having a good time. Kim Deal was just grinning the entire time. I've always thought women in rock bands were cool (my Joan Jett Greatest Hits CD would be warped by now if it were a record album from listening to it so much) but it was great to watch her at work. Her left hand looked like a little spider moving up and down that bass guitar.

I couldn't tell you all the songs they played because I've not been a diehard fan; I only heard of them in 1989/1990 during my freshman year in college. An old boyfriend used to have "Monkey Gone to Heaven" on a mixed tape he made. While I'm glad he's out of my life, I'm glad he introduced me to The Pixies! I had forgotten how short Kim Deal was, though I think she's taller than I. We saw her and her sister walking around at a Lollapolooza that The Breeders played at several years ago (my husband went to two of them that year). She was standing on her tip-toes while singing "Gigantic" like she had to make herself taller.

Over the weekend I finished A Year in Proence and last night I started Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles and I'm already a few chapters into it.

On Sunday night I made apple crisp for dessert but it wasn't the best. The crumble topping wasn't very crumbly and didn't cover all of the apples. The exposed apples tasted like baked apples while the unexposed apples tasted like apple pie.

This morning was not cold like yesterday but I had a special surprise. The dog had climbed into bed last night before my husband did and I am fairly certain he had left shortly after my husband went to bed. I woke up this morning to his little paws pressed up against my legs through the blankets! He had stayed at the bottom of the bed without hogging up the entire thing or making a nuisance of himself. What a good night's sleep I had!

Looking forward to doing not a whole lot today.

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