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This and That

I have no willpower when it comes to books. We went to Half Price Books Friday night where I picked out two books. My husband found another five for me. I am still trying to get through The Little Women by Katherine Weber but I've been spending more time in front of the tube than with a book.

Also on Friday night we saw Neil Young: Heart of Gold. I enjoyed it even though the masking on the screen wasn't right. I generally like concerts because performers reveal things about themselves that you can't necessarily pick up in a magazine. "Harvest Moon" was the song we danced to at our wedding and seeing him perform it made me cry. But everyone knows I'm sentimental.

Saturday we saw Find Me Guilty. The choice of Vin Diesel as a mobster who defends himself in court made more sense to me upon watching the movie. Hearing about it I didn't think he could pull it off and thought someone else was crazy to think he could.

I spent too much time last night at the abi-station trying to make a cartoon character icon of me. You pick out two things and then it craps out on you bringing up blank pages for all of your choices. That was disappointing.
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