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Today is one of those days that alternated between good and bad at work. I really enjoyed trying to get to the project work I needed to do though I didn't get to do much. I really hated the stupid stuff that happened such as: our call tracking system was down for nearly three hours; reading the one line description an analyst put in her ticket for a problem she spent 20 minutes working on; and being asked to arrange a conference call that I really had no business arranging. I think the woman just wanted me to do it because the branch manager likes me more than he likes her.

I applied for a job at a somewhat close hospital. The online application took something like two hours to do!

The character challenge I sent to The Writer wasn't one of the finalist entries. But my German friend is one of the finalists! I can see where I went wrong or where I could have improved my entry. I'll do better next time. My writing group in town is talking about getting together this weekend but I have not heard anything from my in-laws yet on what they want to do.

Somehow my mother has hidden her printer on her iMac yet she was able to print something to it earlier today. I know next to nothing about iMacs but I'm going over tomorrow after work to see what mischief damage can be done.
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