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I got to go into work a little later in the morning than usual but I ended up leaving late.

My honeybaked ham arrived at work today. Yummy!

I spent all day answering questions and putting out fires. But... I decided to take a walk this afternoon. I walked down to the UPS box and back with my boss. It was a good 20 minute walk.

rhondaparrish won 4th place for a story at Fanstory. Yay!

After work I spent an hour traveling to my mom's. She again told me how much she hates living in the country and feeling like she's isolated from people. I spent about 30 minutes on her iMac and left. Somehow her printer icon got moved from the desktop to an application folder.

I had a strange experience on the way home with another driver which is going into my writing journal. Then it will probably get worked into a story. Of course, part of the battle at this point is staying awake long enough to write in the journal.

Before I left the apartment today my husband handed me a bunch of CDs to listen to during my drives. Most of them were Matthew Sweet CDs. I love his music!

My husband got a 15% off customer appreciation discount on one item for Barnes and Noble. So he bought me more books. hehe It seems he can't resist buying books for me either.
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