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Saturday, as I predicted, was a wonderful day. We went for a walk and while we were out decided to get lunch. We stopped at Subway, walked over to Acorn Books, and then walked home. Hubby made one book purchase and it wasn't for me! We took naps (because naps are a good thing) and then I went to meet my writing group. Not a whole lot happened there. I've been put in charge of coming up with a contest. I don't want to charge an entry fee. (I said I'd be willing to pay for a Half Price GC out of my own pocket.) One person wants to charge one. Another didn't say one way or the other.

Right before I got home the power went out. It was out for about 6 or 6.5 hours. I finished Marley & Me by John Grogan. I enjoyed it even though it was a bit of a tear jerker.

To escape the neighborhood with no power, we went to the campus area. We had dinner at Potbelly Sandwich Works and then went to see Thank You for Smoking. I thought it was funny and had a good time. My husband didn't like it as much. One day, Aaron Eckhart will have beautiful children. Mark my words!

We returned home shortly after the power came back on.

Sunday we had lunch with his parents and one set of grandparents at Hunan House. I haven't had Pad Thai in so long and it was so good! Afterwards we drove with his parents to go see another set of grandparents. It was good to visit with them.

I made the Honeybaked Ham I bought earlier in the week. We have a lot of ham left. I may freeze some.

Monday was work, work, work and watch tv.

Today was a customer visit. It went well. We had lunch at Lindey's. It was so good. Our service was excellent! Afterwards I only did what I had to do and then I left work. I realized when I got home I left my writing laptop at work. I was going to update the antivirus files at the library and do some writing. Wild horses couldn't have dragged me back to work to get the laptop.

I took Zilla for a walk when I got home. We met a fellow whose mother has a corgi/beagle mix. Helen, the dog, sounds cute. She's 15 years old now. Zilla liked being petted. Is it good lunch when you a bird craps on you? One got my arm while we were talking and I could have sworn another bird got me on the head but I can't find anything.

This morning I had an invite to join a Yahoo writing group called born2write. Never heard of it before. Not sure how I got an invitation from the moderator; maybe they were doing some kind of promotion thing through YahooGroups to people who are members of other writing groups.
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