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Thursday's News

I woke up today sure of nothing.

Then I read my email before going to work and a smile came across my face.

A job opened up at the cable company. I know hardly anything about the job but I met the hiring manager's boss when I interviewed there the first time. He liked me. I contacted my husband's cousin. The hiring manager's boss remembered me. I was given the name, phone number and email address for the hiring manager. That seems hopeful but strange things happen to me, we know.

I haven't heard anything yet about the hospital job. I contacted someone I know there to see if she could find out whether or not the job was still available. It was originally posted in November 2005 so it could be a listing that's no longer valid. It's been a week since I applied which isn't very long, I know.

Then my husband told me the deadline for a contest entry was extended by a month but he just saw it today so I have an additional two weeks should I decide to give it a go.

~E~ interviewed someone for her team and I told her it would be a good interview. It was. She said she couldn't find anything she disliked about him.

I signed up for an introduction to meditation class on Mother's Day. One of my employees is buying me breakfast the day before. I agreed to look at a business plan for her a month or so ago. She's trying to get an insurance business off the ground, I think.

I felt so good about maybe getting a new job that I didn't mind I had to stay until 7:15pm tonight.
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