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I left work a little late yesterday. We went to the library and then to Thurman's Cafe in German Village for their legendary hamburgers. They have a reason to be legendary; they are huge. The had to be at least six inches wide. The french fries were yummy and I tried a new drink, a Barcardi Raz. The buffalo wings looked really good. I want to go back another time to try the wings and their paper thin crust pizza.

At home we watched Tanner on Tanner. We watched some Bernie Mac (which I haven't watched in forever). During the news I oh so quietly tried to not let my husband know I was falling asleep. It didn't work.

The dog tried to sleep on the bed with us but he got kicked out after a bit. This morning he was so tired and only wanted his belly rubbed. I don't know how I convinced him that he'd be more comfortable on the bed but I did.

My boss is back today and work has been alright. I wish more days were like productive like this. I've already listened to about four phone calls, verified some changes were done correctly to our online documentation and sent out a monthly report. Whew!

My husband's car is presently kaputt. It began smoking and is now really hard to turn. Why oh why does this have to happen a week before he leaves for New York? He wants to leave it at work for a day or two and then bring it home but start moving it around the neighborhood. I think he should park it at our apartment so then I don't have to worry about moving it while he's gone.

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