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I'm a little sad. My 1-year subscription to EQ ends 5/11/06. The last time I signed in I saw some old guildmates were online but I didn't send them any tells. While many of my friends have left the land of Norrath the cancellation of my account would truly be the end of an era. I have debated on logging in and selling items or logging in just to say goodbye to any friends that are left. The people I've always had the most fun with were ones that I could play with on a regular basis and I know I just can't do that. I've never been able to do it; my husband would get jealous I was spending my time with other people; I stopped reading for a long time; and it was even harder to find time to write. I could justify the $100+ for a year when I was playing but I just can't throw money away right now.

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