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OMG! I Can See A Rainbow of Colors!

The new tv was delivered yesterday. The living room is completely trashed because we've had to rearrange things. Now my husband thinks he's going to change it again. The one thing I like about the new arrangement is the room feels bigger. It's because we don't have the couch by a doorway.

I got to see a little bit of How I Met Your Mother in HDTV. I said, "Willow looks so pretty!" I almost want to rewatch all of the Buffys, Angels and Fireflys so I can see what people really look like!

My husband didn't get all of the cables right the first time. The tv signal looked pretty good, but then he put in Lord of the Rings and it was so blue... it was blue like the Dreamworks logo. It was such a cool looking blend of blues that I wondered if anyone ever thought to put movies through filters when playing them on screen.

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