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Good weekend

I tried to sign up for the knitting class on the 12th but it is full. You learn how to make a scarf. My husband told me I called too late and he's right. I should have called the first night it was possible to register but I just wasn't sure about the $25 fee. By the time I made up my mind I kept forgetting to call in and register.

Friday night my husband stayed at work while I played EQ. I helped friends and a guild mate get items for their epics. We ventured into Chardok and were there for about five hours. It's one of those places I really hated when my character was in her early 50s due to all the failed raids trying to get to the Royal family. It was lots of fun, though. I had the important job of making everyone invisible before they were summoned to the safe spots. I also had my first accidental death to cannibalization. My new Cannibalization V spell reduces my health by 1924 hit points when I cast it. I was eyeballing my health and must have been a little lower than that. There were jokes in my group about it, because earlier I was hungry and made them vote on what I would snack on. The choices were popcorn, cookies and jello. Popcorn was the winner.

My husband drove his car from the parking garage to home without incident. As I had suggested to him, he parked it in one of our parking spaces at the apartment. I made him take the cell phone just in case something happened.

Saturday we went to a local Polish deli. It used to be a frozen custard place and has been a deli for a few month. The owner is very charming. We believe in going to small businesses in the area whenever possible. For instance, when we have to bring rolls to family events, we usually go to one of our local bakeries instead of the grocery store. Unless I make the rolls myself, that is. My husband had the special meat sandwich and I had the roast beef sandwich. I also tried one of those new 7Up plus thingies with fruit juice. It wasn't bad but I was burping for a while afterwards. The sandwich was yummy! The next time we go, I want to try the pierogies or the meatball sandwich.

To work off the calories, we went to the Wexner Center for the Arts exhibit, Work Ethic which is from the Baltimore Museum of Art. I had a lot of fun at this one. There was a piece called "Ping Pond Table" which looked like a four leaf clover with a pond in the middle. We played that for a bit. My husband got tired of it before I did. I didn't get frustrated with my swings in the air, or chasing after the ball when it flew past me or when it fell into the pond. Artnet Magazine has a picture of it so you can see what I mean by a Ping Pond Table. A better picture is at the Carnegie web site. There were 1 minute sculptures we could participate in but I was too chicken; I didn't know if we could actually do them or not.

There was the "Hammer a Nail" piece by Yoko Ono. There is a blank white wooden canvas on the wall with a hammer chained to it. The hammer sits in a bucket of nails. We each hammered in a new nail. It has been a long time since I did any hammering or anything like that with my hands. Woodworking reminds me of my dad though I don't really remember him doing any woodworking at home. Maybe it goes back to the soapbox derby days when my parents were Boy Scout leaders. I think the last woodworking project I did was a birdhouse in middle school or Girl Scouts.

There was also a 30-minute movie that was amazing. I think it was called, "How Things Work" and it was made by two Germans. It's basicly a chain reaction movie of objects setting other objects in motion.

Going to the exhibit made me want to play tennis again.

Saturday night I played EQ again. I was up until 3:12am. First my alliance switched targets from Lord Mithaniel Marr to Aerin'Dar in Plane of Valor. My original group left when the target was changed. I was the only Shaman there. Since I don't have MGB (Mass Group Buff) yet, I was hitting all of the groups with Focus of the Seventh and Talisman of the Boar while everyone was gathering. I did all of the full groups first. Of course, that wasn't good enough because some people hadn't taken off their old ones first. So when we were ready to go meet the dragon, I had to rebuff everyone. I had two necromancers giving me more mana but it took a while to get everyone done. I didn't count it but it seemed like it took 10 or 15 minutes to get it all done. I was really getting mad because people were being so demanding about it, I've killed Aerin'Dar twice already but I didn't leave like the other five people did. I mean, I'm there fulfilling my commitment to helping people get flags, and I'm having people be buttheads and demanding buffs from me. Our strategy is to have a Shaman pull the dragon with slow which usually means a death. I got a good slow on him before he nibbled on me and then went on a rampage on my corpse. Don't they think I have some kind of clue as to what I'm doing? Couldn't they show just a little bit of appreciation? I did have a few people thank me and an old guild mate sent me a tell saying he didn't envy my position while I was trying to do the buffs.

After that there was talk of going back to the Halls of Honor and doing some of the trials there. At that point I said to myself I might as well go find an experience group. The alliance may just have to do without a Shaman but I wasn't going to put myself through the entire rigamorole again. I did two LDoNs with a guildmate (who was one of the people who bailed) so he could get a spell that he wanted. I should try to do more of those. They can be fun and are quick.

Today I made oatmeal and sausage for breakfast but by the time we ate it was after 12pm. We walked to the grocery store and picked up a New York Times and cotton swabs. I read some newspapers and then took a nap before walking over to the movie theater to see Intimate Strangers. I think I enjoyed it more than my husband. For dinner we had salad and lasagna. I forgot to make the garlic bread with it. We were going to have wine too but I think my husband didn't want to bother with it or he wasn't in the mood.

While getting dinner ready, I also tried to do some laundry. The washing machine wouldn't come on, though. It was very strange. I turned on the faucet and found water coming out so I thought maybe the machine had died. I nicely asked my husband to look at it. We are a funny couple. I am more mechanically inclined than he is but there are just some things I don't want to bother with (like I asked him to take a look at the old Dirt Devil to fix the belt on it) or don't have the time (like tonight I was getting the salad ready). He couldn't get it to start either but I suggested he check the outlet. He did and it was dead. He flipped the circuit breaker which also turned on the furnace. No wonder it's been cold some mornings. :) Unbeknownst to him, he saved me a trip to the hardware store. Last weekend I thought the light bulb socket over the washer had shorted out and I needed to get a new one. With the circuit being switched, I was able to use the one I had in there.

My neighbors next door are somewhat strange. The woman likes to garden. She planted two large sunflowers by her air conditioner. One leaned in towards the building and the other one leaned over the air conditioner. The leaves on it were burnt from the air conditioner. They let the air conditioner run all the time. The pipes attached to the air conditioner get frozen. First the metal starts to get a small frost on it. Then if it is on long enough, you can't even see the pipes anymore because the ice is so thick. If anyone had to turn the outside knob off, they'd have to get a blowtorch to thaw it or take their chances with a hammer to get the ice off of it. So now it's fall and there have been some cold days but they still run the air conditioner.

The sunflowers were moved a few days ago. I do not know where. They also have a fake rock which I imagine holds a key of some kind for them. It's been moving to different spots around the air conditioner. Recently it's been at the forefront as though the flowers are arranged with the rock as the center piece.

I still haven't bought my Halloween costume yet and I thought about doing it today. I should have made my Buckeyes this weekend since my husband is home and he could have helped. I could call my in-laws next weekend and see if they'd like me to come over and make them but I want to leave my plans open-ended while my husband is away. The first year I made them for the Halloween party it was me, my mother-in-law and her mother-in-law who made them. Grandma is diabetic but loves to roll the peanut butter into buckeyes. Last year I made them myself with help from my husband using a different recipe.

Friday afternoon was the last day of one of my employees. She told me that I was too nice to be working for my company.

A few weeks ago I found a job that I'm interested in at a company that is nearby. My husband and I have a friend who knows someone who works there. I sent him an email tonight to find out what he thinks of the place. I will probably send my resume in this week. It's hard to find a new job when my resume isn't out there, isn't it?

I know it's late but I am going to do some writing. My husband is so sweet. I asked him if he wanted to be married to a writer and he said he already is. After a moment he clarified it with "Just not a profitable one." Then we started joking about how our dog has contributed more to the family income than I have with my writing. The dog was all over the bed this morning, laying on my cooking magazine, then laying on me but resting his head on my husband's arm. The dog is so goofy. I just love him to death.

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