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My husband's great-uncle and great-aunt are so lucky. A family reunion was held at their house yesterday. They live in the country, kind of, without living in the country.

I didn't go inside their house, but their property is beautiful. They live next to a boarding and grooming place for horses but I couldn't figure out if it was their place or belonged to the girls next door. The stables had at least six horses. One of them tried to nibble at my fingers. I've forgotten how big horses can be. When you only see them in the movies you forget. One fellow was walking around in the exercise yard. One momma and two ponies were by themselves. One pony was enlisted in giving pony rides.

They have a lake stocked with catfish and something that looked like blue gill. The lake has a bridge at one end. The other end has a nice gazebo with a fire pit and a dock. Some of the kids were fishing off the dock and other people went for paddle boat rides.

I had a nice, peaceful time watching the little kids running around and having a good time. We joke about how my husband's one cousin had all of the kids for the family because he's got six. The second oldest is 12 and is nearly as tall as I am. Those kids all look like their mom and dad, it is so funny. I got to hold a fussy baby for a few minutes before she started screaming.

Kids either love me or hate me.

The barn where we ate was full of flies, courtesy of the Buckeye Egg Farm. The family had sprayed for two hours the day before and there were these little entrapments hanging from the posts in front but there were hundreds if not thousands of them. One of their grandkids made $20 for all of the flies she killed. :)

We were still hungry afterwards so after a short drive we ended up at Smackies for barbecue. Yummy.

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