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Let's see... I have a job interview on Wednesday. I think the recruiter found my resume online. I'm going to follow-up with the cable company tomorrow.

My husband made me a little movie starring Amitabh Bachchan. You can create your own movie at

Our maintenance man stopped by about the screen on our front storm door but we didn't get to see him.

Friend who moved out of town was in town today job and apartment hunting. He's coming back.

Not far from the "redneck house" down the street was the "crappy house". I swear, it looked like a doll's house. It's generally been the same white peeling paint color the entire time we've lived here. Last summer the owners decided to sell it. They put a stripe of robin's egg blue on the door frame. No one bought it. Saturday we drove by and it's just mud with plumbing for the shower sticking up out of the ground. Since the plumbing is still there I guess they will build a new house. It was probably the best for the poor thing.

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