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I named a back-up at work for my Tuesday reports. We went over the reports on Monday and finished them in an hour and a half. With that done, I had the evening free for myself. My husband and I went to the movies and saw A Dirty Shame and Friday Night Lights. I had to laugh at A Dirty Shame. There's a little neighborhood divided between the Neuters and the Sex Addicts in Baltimore, Maryland. What other neighborhood would have landscapers that make the bushes look like penises and other body parts?

Tuesday night, much to my husband's surprise, I played EverQuest. Another guild was going to Plane of Tactics and invited my alliance to go help with the Zek family. I went and we got Vallon Zek taken care of and then it was my bedtime. I also did some laundry since I knew my husband would want some new shirts for his trip.

Wednesday we hung out around the house and got him packed. Thursday morning I took him to the airport. I was sad at work because I already missed him. While I was at lunch he left me a phone mail message that he got to New York okay. In the evening I performed two officer ceremonies for my guild. Woot!

Friday I worked late. I walked across the street to get dinner. When I walked into the restaurant a woman in her 60s asked me if it was cold outside. As I was only wearing a fleece jacket over my turtleneck I said yes. She and her husband walked out the door in front of me when I left. The band and crowd could be heard from the high school. He began to argue with her that it wasn't cold outside. First she said, "That's what the woman I asked said." then it turned into a bit of an argument. For a moment I felt badly about it but then I realized that they probably argue all the time. They just seemed like that kind of couple. I watched most of All I Want before logging on for a raid in the new expansion. I ate dinner on the bed while watching All I Want. That was probably the best part of my evening (eating on the bed while watching my movie, that is).

Today I saw Ladder 49 and I was struck with a realization. I am envious of Jacinda Barrett. Why? Let me count the reasons:

1. She's live in London.
2. She was on the Real World.
3. She got to live with one of the best casts of the Real World.
3a. You know... Lars, Neil, Jay, Kat, Sharon, and Mike. (Mike is the one I try to forget.)
4. She's gotten to dance with John Travolta.

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