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So yesterday I'm shaving my legs in the sink (haven't called yet to get the plunger fixed on the bathtub) and I'm getting a little nervous about my interview.

Well, I shouldn't have bothered. I didn't make it to the interview part. The interview was with Primerica. There were about 28 of us (variety of ages, races, dress, etc.) there. They gave us a presentation that lasted 1.5 hours on the company. Then we were asked to note our interest on our information cards. I was one of the people who noted no interest and walked out the door. There were at least five of us that didn't stay for the real interviews.

At least I got to see the beginning of an awesome storm on my way home.

Found two jobs on Monster this morning before work. I might even apply for one! hehe

I called the landlord tonight. Hopefully the tub will be fixed tomorrow. We did a lot of vacuuming of the apartment tonight. I swear I could have made a second Zilla out of all the dog hair that got picked up.

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