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It's the weekend!

Except for not knowing where my pedometer is, I'm ready to do my 5K walk in the Komen Race For the Cure tomorrow. I exceeded by $200 goal and raised $210. Last week I was downtown and the large pink ribbons on the parking meters and street lights looked so pretty. The weather is supposed to be in the mid-60s and sunny.

Earlier this week I saw A Lion In the House which will be airing on WOSU next month. It was a truly moving documentary. They don't pull any punches, I'll tell you that. The co-directors had just finished cancer treatments with their daughter when they were approached about making the film. They had over 500 hours of footage and got it down to four.

Tonight I watched I Am A Sex Addict. It's a rather humorous telling of one man's prostitute fetish and the steps he takes to try and solve his addiction. His marriages and relationships are part of the movie too. There are some things he tells you that you just know aren't going to go over with the other person but he's so caught up in his own feelings that he completely misses it. You wince while laughing at where it goes. Sometimes people do unexpected things.
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