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Random Thoughts

On Friday one of my employees shared with me a poem her oldest daughter wrote. It was so good! She said it was picked to be published by Otterbein for something. Her daughter ripped it up but she pieced it together and photocopied it. Her daughter is 13 and has lived in Jordan, Canada and the US. It was about the contrasts in her life. The young lady has talent.

My Zilla loves me so much! One night my husband couldn't get to sleep so he ended up spending the night on the couch. The baby gate was left down and while I was on the computer my husband came back up stairs to go to sleep. Zilla was wide awake and raring to go. He wouldn't go into the bedroom until I walked in there. Then the baby gate went down so he resigned himself to sleeping on the bed. That dog has such a hard life. He loves that bed. When we came home from the movies tonight he was out cold.

Our tub is once again in use. For some reason the maintenance man didn't put a cover plate with a lever switch on the tub so I bought a little rubber plate thing at the hardware store to cover up the drain. Without it we'd be a shower only household and that won't work for us.

I've had some time to read lately and I'm still enjoying The Best American Essays 2005.

My husband had a rather odd experience the other day while walking to his car in the morning. In short, if you see someone on the street who looks like he may not be altogether there and he's throwing a javelin into the street, then it's probably best to return home and go to bed.
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