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It's the Weekend!

I did go see United 93. I think it did a really good job showing people who don't know what it is they are doing. None of the communications between the military and the air traffic control towers went smoothly and all of them recognized it while it was happening. I enjoyed watching people do their jobs and the boredom people can go through while waiting to get to their final destination.

This week I also saw Party Wire with Jean Arthur. The plot is a bit but it was a nice change of pace. Can you imagine the person who owns the bank having a palatial home worth $10000? Things sure have changed since 1935. When I was young, the time and temperature number in Columbus was a strange party wire line. You could call and get the message but there were often other people on the line too, and you could hear each other. It was one way to hook up. I could see that being a pedophile's dream now but when you're young you don't think about things like that.

I also saw Man's Castle which has Spencer Tracy in a role I never thought I'd see him in.

When my husband goes to bed before I do, he's sweet and leaves the overhead light on for me. He knows I can't always see in the dark. I turn the lights off because I'm not as sweet. ;) Sunday night I decided to be like him so I went to bed and left the overhead bedroom light on. I think I was in bed for 15 minutes when I hear him flipping the light switch up and down. I roll over to see what's going on and Zilla lifts his head wondering if he needs to move.

"I can't turn off the light. Did you try it and leave it on for me?"

Um... no... So we ended up removing the wall plate and jiggling the switch so the light would turn off. This took a bit because the wall plate had been painted over with industrial egg shell white paint mulitple times. Since then I've not touched it. I guess we will have to call the landlord about it. My husband turned it on once and it got stuck again for a little bit and I don't think he's tried to use the light since then.

Yesterday he had a weird day at work and kept trying to reach someone about a rumor he heard. They were to have an exclusive engagement for a movie but one of the reporters in town said it wasn't exclusive after all. We ate dinner at Jimmy John's and were talking about ~C~ and my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law is still getting used to being a father and sometimes finds himself a little jealous of our "carefree and self-absorbed lives" since Zilla is the only demand on our time. Dogs and kids can have a lot of similarities but it's just not the same. We were talking about our own decision regarding children and a little bit about adoption. When we left the restaurant my husband walked into the crosswalk and was 5 inches away from getting the smack down while I stood at the corner and watched. The woman in her oversized truck saw him in time and just barely came to a stop. She was still trying to make it through the yellow light when he stepped off the curb. Had she been going any faster I think I would have spent yesterday evening in the hospital instead of watching movies.

It turned out Columbus, Georgia was somehow confused with Columbus, Ohio. So he still has an exclusive on the movie. If I were paranoid I could say that he's so distressed and confused at the prospect of raising children (his own or someone else's) that he'd rather get hit by a truck than think about it. hehe

As much as I complain about work there are a few things I like. One way I drive to work includes a trio of topiary miniature bulls. I really need to get a picture of them one day. And this afternoon my boss called me up and told me, "The procession's started if you want to see it." I hot footed it over there. We counted 26 geese and goslings. They decided it was time to move to another corner of the lawn for feeding time. The other day they all decided to go swimming at the same time. They are funny to watch.

I have work to do this weekend but I want to concentrate on the good things.

We're supposed to go to a friend's house tomorrow night for movies and dinner. That's the only plans I have so far.
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