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I forgot to mention that I went out Saturday to the Halloween store and got my costume for a party I will be at this upcoming weekend. I didn't try it on to make sure it fit until Sunday.

Next door to the Halloween shop is a pet store. I went inside and saw that they had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I couldn't tell what was with it, but they were sleeping together and the other puppy was covering the Corgi. Later when I went to the dog food store I got to meet a little Corgi girl. She was fawn colored with a little stubby curly tail. She wanted to be close to her mommy but she liked the way I smelled and she almost rolled over for me to pet her tummy. She was skittish so I'm not sure if she had been abused or if she was just shy around strangers.

I finished my Elmore Leonard book on tape. Um, I'm sure there's more but I am hungry and it's time for dinner. :)

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