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Sunday Night

Yes, I finally finished The Best American Essays of 2005. I enjoyed it, but it was not light reading.

So before I finished it I picked up another book over the weekend and finished it first. michaeljr915 bought me Moon Called by Patricia Briggs while we were in New York. I bought him a David Sedaris book to read on the train home and he bought me this to read whenever. I really liked it. I was able to fall into the world of Mercedes Thompson pretty easily.

We saw X-Men: The Last Stand which I enjoyed but was left wanting more at the end. I thought Halle Berry's Storm would grow a backbone but it was once again all Wolverine's story. I like Wolverine, but some of the others need to shine too. I saw Ben Foster, and thought, Wow! He became a hottie since playing Eli on Freaks and Geeks. My husband didn't think it was him.

This evening I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which was a cute movie for teenage girls. I might have enjoyed it more if I were 23 years younger.

I officially have the day off work tomorrow but I need to work on a project. Blech. At least I can do it at home.
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