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Saturday's Goings Ons

Saturday night our "movie club" got together. In the past we had 8+ people involved and we would do it at least once a month. The main host(ess) would pick a movie and a meal which would follow the theme of the movie. Everyone else would bring drinks or whatever else was needed. Eventually it got to be too much. Too much company. Too much cleaning. Each year my husband and one other person would host a film festival where they picked out things they wanted to see and thought the group would like. It would take two days and people were free to come and go.

Our tv has been the suck for far too long. And it was a bit of a pain to have people over for that long at either place. So we just got out of the habit. Saturday we got together and watched Big Trouble in Little China. There was the dog of the hostess and another couple's dog. I left Zilla at home because I knew one dog was a ball of energy and Zilla needs a bath. One couple who moved away are expecting their first child.

Both dogs had a good time playing and chasing each other. I had spoken to our hostess last September and told her I had Crohn's but when we were talking about our illnesses she acted like it was the first she'd heard of it. We range in age from 32 to 50 so we always bring up our health at some point. Or the health of our parents/siblings as several people are close to their families and have to get involved in their care.

These are the types of friends you feel comfortable with... it's like their home is your home and you don't have to be shy about getting another drink. We don't have many friends like that because we don't let anyone come visit us. :)
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