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Since my husband has been gone, I've not really had a good dinner. One night I made radiatori pasta with skyline chili. The pasta ended up mushy. Saturday I made a frozen pizza. I burnt it because I couldn't hear the microwave when the timer went off. I ordered pizza that night. Last night I had fish sticks and fries. I burnt some of the fries. Tonight I had more fries and a steak. I used pepper and salt to season the steak. It turns out the new pepper thing I bought has it's own grinder so I couldn't refill our pepper mill. The steak tasted really bitter. It turns out the pepper medley I bought also had allspice in it. *sigh* My only decent meal was Sunday when I made Vegetable Beef Soup. I'm tempted to order another pizza tonight.

I broke the foot to our trash can tonight. I didn't even step on it hard, but I stepped down and the lid didn't come back up. We've only had it for a few months. I love that trashcan.

Over the weekend I went to the library and rented Runaway Jury since I fell asleep and missed the ending last month. I also saw Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Uptown Girls and started watching Jamie Oliver in Oliver's Twist which seems to be a bunch of episodes from a British TV series. It's over 3 hours long! I am sure that I will finish it after I come back from my trip. I sent all of our movies back to Greencine so I am sure that my husband will have some new movies of his choosing in the next day or so. The funny thing is that I almost rented a movie called Secret Ballot and my husband's work is showing it in January.

The other day I did try on my Halloween costume. It fits and has everything that it needs. I bought some make-up to go with it, but the black lipstick makes me look washed out and I am still trying to remove the nail polish (which I only put on one hand) from my nails. I started making my Buckeyes for the Halloween party yesterday. I will probably finish them up tonight.

I went through my husband's work calendar for December and January so I know which nights I will probably be busy. I only looked at the film/video calendar so other things might come up later in the theater department, etc.

Today I started panicing a little, thinking that I don't have my clothes picked out for my trip, that I don't have enough time to do more things that I want to do, etc. I am going to finish up a monthly report for one of my customer's tonight while I wait for the chocolate to melt.

This afternoon my boss and I let my problem employee know that she got the new position that she applied for. It could be really good or it could be really bad. I'm not quite sure how things will turn out.

Tonight I applied for a job that I've had my eye on for a few weeks now. I've got my fingers crossed and am hoping that I will hear something soon. Of course the possibility is high that when I hear from them I will be out of town.

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