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After The Grace Lee Project (which was funny but I was lulled to sleep towards the end) I've seen... Who Gets To Call It Art?, L'Enfant, The Station Agent, and Kabhi Kabhie. There were things I liked and didn't like about all of them so I can't say which was my favorite of the bunch.

I've been reading Prague by Arthur Phillips.

The cemetery where my brother and grandparents are buried is celebrating its 200th anniversary on Sunday. From 1-4 they'll have an ice cream social, a tour of significant monuments and a re-creation of an Irish Wake. I have the Ohio Corgi Picnic on Sunday.

I had a pleasant and unexpected realization while at work today; my wrist pad smells like my perfume. This evening I picked up the one at home and gave it a big whiff. It smells like my perfume too. I don't which I would rather do more... smell it or use it.

I spent the other evening cleaning in the bedroom. I found 1/2 of my 5 pound weights. Yesterday my arms were so sore I called in to work. It hurt to move them in any direction. I'd read a book or magazine, turn a page and let out a little, "Ow!"

Today our maintenance man finished putting our new storm door on the front. So now our front and back storm doors match and the screen doesn't have holes. I am so going to love this summer in our apartment. We can actually open windows now and get a cross breeze going downstairs.

The last day or so I've done some work on one of my stories. Hopefully I will get more done this weekend on it.

So I don't think I ever relayed the funny thing that happened one Sunday night. I could have sworn I did but I can't find any evidence of it. My husband will, from time to time, go to bed before I do. When he does, he leaves the overhead bedroom light on for me. I, however, am usually not so kind to him. I'll turn off all the lights and get down to some dreaming time. This particular Sunday I decided to be a loving spouse and reciprocate the kindness shown to me. I went to bed early and left the overhead light on. The next thing I know, he's flipping down the switch trying to turn off the light.

He's laughing, asking me what I did to the light, and then comes up with the brilliant idea that I tried to turn off the light myself and when I couldn't do it, I left it on. That is entirely something I would do. But I didn't! I was trying to be nice. Honest. So I put on my glasses, tried to turn off the light, and couldn't. We have screwdrivers in nearly every room (the bathroom is the only place I don't think we do) and I grabbed one from his nightstand and we went to work. Our light cover had a good five or more coats of paint on it. We got the thing off and took off a good chunk of the paint from the wall with it. After twisting and pulling on it, we saw a spark and the light shut off. We went to bed.

The next evening the light was on and very nearly didn't turn off. Again, twisting and pulling the switch worked. So I called yesterday about it. My landlord actually joked with me. He seems like such a sourpuss when we see him but he always seems happy to hear from me. Even when I told him about the rotten egg smell in the basement he didn't mind. My husband had to lure Zilla into our second bedroom (which we use as an "office" and where I write most of my LJ entries) with food and he didn't like it one bit! Zilla wanted to hang out in the bedroom today.

So as of this afternoon we have a new light switch. And a new light cover. And Zilla is happy. He's rolled around on the bed and licked the hardwood floor. It doesn't take much to make him happy.

Me neither. I think I'll go sniff my wrist pad some more.
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