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When It Rains, It Pours

I can't freaking believe this. I've been looking for a new job for two years.

On the 31st I received an email from a recruiter one block over from where I live. She didn't have any current jobs but wanted to put me in their database. Monday I had a message from another recruiting company. And today I get a call to setup an interview for a fraud call center job at a national bank.

Where were all these people a year or six months ago? Funny. :)

This day has been unbelievable. I did get a late start and wanted to sleep in a little bit longer. Before I even got to work someone said she heard I was leaving and that her boss was going to be in charge of my team. (Boy do rumors start and spread fast!) I was able to move my annual woman check-up to Thursday from July. I got the oil on my car changed for my husband's trip to Chicago. My boss sent out an email about departure this afternoon. I've been getting hugs, nice emails and expressions of shock from my employees. (I worry about what will happen to some of them.) My new hire packet arrived in the mail today.

So I'm feeling a bit on cloud nine and finally understand "short-timer's" disease. But I'm still going to express self-control and get my employee reviews written!

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