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On Vacation

You may have noticed my LJ entries decrease to nothing or increase when I'm on vacation.  Can you guess what's going to happen over the next few days?  :)

The nap was good but Zilla didn't want to snuggle and stayed on the floor.  I had the fan on which was lovely.  (My husband can't sleep with it on.)

I did one customer report and decided to do the three others on Monday.  One customer hasn't had a report for the last three months and hasn't noticed.  It's hard to get motivated to do them when the customer has said they don't read them.

I took my pre-employment drug test today.  The office was a little creepy.  The light to the restroom went on when I stepped inside and all of the light switches in the restroom and the adjoining room were taped into the up position.  A sign at the front desk stated, "Please sign in.  You may not see us, but we know you're here."

When I woke up from my nap I called my husband to make sure he was okay.  He was near Gary, Indiana and had been to a museum where he was busted by one of the guards.  There weren't signs about not taking pictures of the permanent collection and guess what he was caught doing?  

Last night he told me I couldn't go crazy and eat all the crap food I wanted.  It hadn't even occurred to me but after being given that advice, I had the desire to order ribs while he's gone.  I bought a tuna steak and a sirloin steak to make while he's away.  He'll be back on Monday.  DVDs I have to watch include Basic Instinct and All I Wanna Do.  He left me my laptop so I'll be able to get out of the apartment to do some writing.  When he asked about taking it I told him it would be okay but I guess he decided against it.  

I do have a critque due to a friend tomorrow.

The other day I was doing tech support over the phone for one of my husband's cousins.  The PC had been fixed recently, crashed while his cousin was working on a paper, and then wouldn't boot up.  I was pretty sure the hard drive died.  We couldn't get it to boot up and I never heard anything else.  So I called and they had someone from the Geek Squad (or someplace like it) take a look and he decided it was dead.  I mentioned a flash or thumb drive to his cousin... he has one, he just forgets to use it.  *facepalm*  

I'm happy I decided to get more userpics for LJ; I like my LJ being more colorful!
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