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Sunday Morning

My husband is dangerous with that camera. He told me yesterday how he was busted for taking pictures in a federal building. Oops! He was doing an outdoor sculpture tour. The guard made him view all of the pictures. I am not sure if he had to delete the ones from the federal building or not.

I finished the short story I plan on submitting on July 1st. I gave it to my local writing group and German friend to critique. That was about 1000 words written. Then I worked on an essay which I'm halfway done with. I have 600 words on that but I know I'll have to cut a lot out. It's taking me a long time to backup the point of the essay. :)

My mother-in-law invited me out to lunch at Red Lobster today. It will be nice to see everyone, but the free lunch is certainly an incentive. Afterwards we're going to see her father who has been ill.

Last night was another fairly good night for sleeping until 2:30am. Piper next door was barking up a storm which set Zilla off. I think it started with a dog in someone's backyard. I had the funny idea of making a poem based on Piper's name. It gets yelled so often it's a joke. I can only imagine what he's done to get yelled at so much. I mean, it happens even when he's not barking. So last night I considered going out on the front porch to pinpoint where the barking was coming from and then I decided I didn't want to end up like Ron Goldman if something really bad was happening. By myself I wouldn't stand a chance. After 10 minutes the barking was done and Zilla decided sleeping on the floor would be more fun.

This weekend I took a poll on a trailer for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and a poll regarding Treasure Hunters. I've been a member of ePoll since 2002 and I can't believe they are giving up to 3000 points for watching this show. I wonder if this how the executives want to build ratings. Nine episodes are scheduled between tonight and August 7th or 14th. You get surveys after each episode to see if you watched it and a final one at the end to see what was thought of the season.

You know... I think I could probably handle it if I never had to go back to work.
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