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The Last Day at Work

The last day was about as unsentimental as I thought it would be. One person brought in bagels and cream cheese. I brought in a dozen cookies from The French Loaf. I went to the dry cleaners in the morning but was told my clothes wouldn't be ready until 4pm. The hangers with the items was there but no clothes! Mostly I worked on customer reports and answering questions. I took a quick 30-minute lunch and stayed until 7:00pm.

The mini-manager wrote me a nice email. Except for one person who left early I was able to say goodbye to all of my employees. The department got me a card and a lot of people signed it. Not long before I left I found folders (important folders!) deleted from the network for my customers. I freaked out slightly, especially since at one point our IS department wasn't doing backups! When I spoke to my boss this afternoon though, he said they were restored by the IS department. Whew!

I have a 401K account number setup with my financial guy for when I can roll over the 401K from work. I drove back to work today to pickup my clothes from the dry cleaners. I've called my gastro back about rescheduling my August appointment. Zilla has his annual checkup scheduled for July 1st with the doctor he loves.

I was driving by Filene's Basement so I thought I'd pop in and buy a new pair of pants for tomorrow. They didn't have anything I liked. But I did get a $54 skirt for $6. And I found what could be my next pair of black flats. I just didn't want to spend $50 so I will wait until I get paid at the end of the month. I looked for a pair of shoes for my husband but DSW didn't have a good pair in the brand he likes. I'd been nervous about calling my family doctor for a prescription refill of my allergy medicine because I thought I'd get hasseled for it. They said I could pick it up tomorrow. Now I wish I'd called last week! :)

Today is my husband's birthday and we're going to the movies at his work tonight. This weekend is a Bollywood movie about a superhero which is a big to-do. There really aren't superheros in their movies.
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