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Couple of Updates

So... there was a show called Tuesday Night Book Club which intrigued me. I told my husband I would love it if the show were about a book club that discusses books but I thought it would probably be more of an excuse to show all the dirty gossip on these women's lives. TV executives think the American public could only handle the second kind of show, you know. I didn't watch the first episode but I watched the second and don't recall seeing a single book. Is it no surprise the show is already cancelled?

My new job isn't quite what I thought it would be... but that's okay with me! Some of the duties are being given to the other person with the same title. It's like I get to do the "grunt" work and he gets to deal with the account executives. That's perfectly fine with me because it means he gets the stress. I only have to stress out over whether or not I've gotten the spots marked in the database correctly and whether or not the encoders get their job done quickly. Once in a while I have to go hunting for an old tape. That means I get to sling boxes around! Woo hoo! Between the extra walking and the moving boxes around, I think I might get my activity level up a bit. I've left between 5:30pm and 7pm so far.

It is weird working kinda downtown and so close to the apartment. I park in a nearby lot and walk up the stairs to our visitor lot. So it feels kinda like I'm working in a downtown city not in Ohio. I haven't been down to the cart yet, but I've heard at 11:30am a lunch cart comes to the lobby of the building with soup, salads and sandwiches. The lunchroom is super small so people really eat out at lunch. I could walk down to the convention center but since I'm out of shape I don't know where that would fit in the 15-minute to 30-minute timeframe. I get a full hour, but I'm not supposed to rush through my meals. One day I drove to my doctor's office to get a prescription refill and today I stopped off at the library to pick up some reserved items.

The really strange thing is how people in my department laugh. It's usually just stupid stuff but it's nice. One thing they've done is cut sound bites from commercials to play at random times. This afternoon they were trying to find good clips to play when telemarketers call. Of course, not everyone in my department is happy but that's normal; they've been there several years and some of them are young. It's their first office job.

When I first went into the department, I kinda thought we were in a dungeon because the lights are so dim. But I thought it may have been because it was the early morning. (I do have to figure out how to get my overhead light working so I can read the teeny tiny print on the reports.) They have the main light turned off so there isn't a glare on the monitors when spots are being encoded. One afternoon we were watching one of the World Cup games. The lunchroom has a tv and our department is one of the few departments who has one. My first three days haven't been too bad and I'm so happy I made this change.

I don't have any medical insurance until August 1st so my sinuses may make me wish I still had the other job, but that will only be temporary. I lost some vacation days, but I made up for them with the holidays I get off work. This year, we get both July 3rd and July 4th off work. That means Friday will be extra busy since we will be doing work for Friday - Wednesday. Our boss has already said he's having lunch brought in for us since we probably won't be able to leave for it.

The showing of A Scanner Darkly sold out but a few people didn't show up. Or at least that is what the empty seat next to me and in front of me told me. :) I never read the book but I found the movie interesting. There was a bit more humor in it than I expected.

At work I checked my email and found an ecard from my best friend that made me cry. I wish I could go to Germany to see her; I'm about a month overdue on an email for her. I try to email her once a month and she's got a link to my pictures so she can view those whenever she wants.

My summer mix CDs from akirad arrived safe and sound! I'm listening to the loud one either coming home from work or while running errands during lunch.
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