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July 1st

I'm not so sure how this month will be.

This morning I took Zilla to the vet for his annual check-up and to get a bump looked at. It started as a bump and then in the last week began to seep pus. In the parking lot, a cat was chasing a baby bunny. The poor thing looked like a ping-pong ball. The bunny kept running into the curbs and was too small to get up onto the grass. I chased the cat away and even though I'm allergic, and had no idea what the bunny would do, I picked up the little fellow long enough to set him on the grass. When Zilla and I went to check on the bunny, it was gone. I may have prolonged the inevitable, but he may have been given a little chance. And sometimes that's all we need.

Zilla's sore had become infected and it has tumorous cells. He's supposed to get his teeth cleaned next month. They'll remove the sore then and we'll know more shortly after that.

I've slept most of the morning. The story I submitted a few days ago was rejected but I was encouraged to send it to another publication.

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