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Stories Behind The Quotes

At the vet, I was told Zilla should wear a t-shirt. It would keep his sore from getting dirty and infected again. It would help keep decrease the fibrous tissue that might develop over the bump. First we went to Petco where we found one acceptable shirt but it was too hot for summer and wouldn't cover his bump. It may not have even been big enough. The second stop was Complete PetMart at Lane Avenue. It was no longer there. The third stop was some place I can never remember the name. It's that surplus pet supply store where I only saved a penny on food the one other time I went there. We found a polo shirt which I thought was too small. It was a large. Sure enough, we got it over his head and shoulders but that was it. Zilla looked like a little wolf man.

While out running some errands I get the brilliant idea of going to Posh Pets. They have 2x and 3x items for a total of three shirts to choose from. The clerk and his dog, Pris, help me decide the 2x is supposed to fit a 50 pound dog. One shirt was white with silver lame lettering in a question mark swirly thing on the back. Sorry, but pootchie poo is not Zilla. Sure, he lets his girlfriend, Grendal, hump him, but that's just not masculine enough for him. So I got the black one with Mans Best Friend on it. We own hardly any black clothes because Zilla's hair gets all over. I decided it was the lesser of two evils. The clerk told me they had more items on their web site. I went to the site today and Zilla wouldn't wear the clothes they have in his size. Poor Zilla!

The vet gave Zilla an antibiotic for the infection. Zilla hates it. I have to throw it down his throat to give it to him.

So I'm only half naked - I'm wearing underwear when my husband comes down the stairs. Zilla's wearing his new shirt and I've surprised Zilla by throwing the pill down his throat. That's when my husband expresses surprise over the sight in the living room.

Later, when I get ready to take Zilla for his walk (I'm fully dressed again) I use the lint brush on Zilla's shirt. I try and try to get the hair off the black t-shirt but it doesn't work so well. And that's when the second quote is said.

I've since learned to pin up Zilla's sleeves. When he gets up from the bed or the couch he can do a Harry Houdini and undo a sleeve. I couldn't get any non-fuzzy pictures of him in the shirt, but here is one from http://www.flickr.com/photos/stultspictures/181605778/.


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Jul. 4th, 2006 05:41 pm (UTC)
I looked at some of your other photos -- Zilla is so cute! I'm sorry about his bump. We used to have to give Bonny medicine for dry skin in the winter. She hated it and would simply not take the pill. Eventually, we figured out that we could hide the pill inside a big ol' spoonful of peanut butter. She loved peanut better and would gobble it up so fast that she never even knew her pill was there. Could you try that with Zilla, or would he notice the pill no matter what?

Jul. 4th, 2006 05:53 pm (UTC)
We can use the peanut butter or American cheese trick if the pills are small and that only works half of the time. These pills are the size of nickels. :(
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