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I meant for that last post to be funnier, but I was hungry. We all know I get a little grumpy when I'm hungry.

The new job has had its ups and downs which is to be expected. HR came by one day to check on me and our Director has come by twice. I asked the person who has been training me if the Director comes by often and he said, "No. In fact, he tries to avoid us as much as possible." That made me happy. The worst time of the day for me, is lunchtime. I don't have any friends yet and most of the people go out to lunch. My husband's cousin and I haven't been able to hook up yet to have lunch and when I've stopped by the office of a manager in another department, he's been out. So I'm thinking it's kinda silly to drive around while I figure out what I'm doing for lunch. I think the best course of action is to go home. Forty minutes driving back and forth four times a day, but I'll get to save on lunch and spend some time with Zilla. My boss brought me a present on my birthday but he doesn't know it was my birthday. He brought me a step stool so I can reach the top shelf. Already one other person has used it so it's good to know I'm not the only one who needed it.

It will be weird going to work on Wednesday after having five days off. I'm glad I started doing laundry on Sunday. This next week is also casual week at work. I was surprised I could wear so many jeans last week. They were mostly size 20s which I really am not ready to wear again. When I was diagnosed with Crohn's I'd just started buying 18s. One of the facilities workers at my husband's work was diagnosed with Crohn's twenty years ago. When he was diagnosed he was down to 99 pounds. He's had several surgeries and hasn't had a flare-up in a long time because he knows what foods to stay away from. The person who is training me keeps asking me if the stress is getting to me and I'm like, "No." The only stress I have is what I put on myself and the reports system that is so slow in generating my daily report. That's the only stress I've had so far. On Friday I learned how to rename files on the server and how to query whether or not they are there. That way I can check on the encoders before I leave for the day.

I came to the realization the other day that our apartment would be very lonely without Zilla. When he was about five years old I started thinking of life without him and worrying about it. It's kind of been on my mind because so many Corgis that were part of the Corgi-L list when I first joined have passed away in the last seven months. I decided not to think about it until it happens and then I find out that he's got some tumor cells. Well... shit. That's depressing. He acts like his normal cheerful self so I shouldn't worry about it until I know for sure what's going on.

My hubby added some music to my iTunes so I've been listening to it that last few days.

My birthday was a good one. My mother and mother-in-law called during the day and left me a phone message. michaeljr915 surprised me with a gift card to and I got to leave work on time. My husband came home late with goodies for me. He took advantage of a sale at Barnes and Noble to get some replacement DVDs (including Totoro) for us. I got an assortment of yummy Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, a spice rack, and I think there was something else I can't remember right now. We went to Skyline for dinner. One of my old employees sent me a nice birthday card.

On Saturday we watched A Life Less Ordinary. One of us will pick four DVDs and the other person gets to pick the one we watch. That's the one I picked. Ewan McGregor singing and dancing always cheers me up. He's one of those men I could just keep watching over and over again, like Cary Grant or John Cusack. I never get enough of their movies.

I did like Krrish when we saw it. If you like Bollywood films it's one I recommend. If you ever run across The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes I recommend it too. What's funny is Christopher Lee plays the brother of Sherlock Holmes and later played Holmes on tv. We saw Shane on Friday night. The son really got on my nerves. Even in her 50s, Jean Arthur was still a good looking woman.

If you want to be blown away, I suggest watching The Proposition. There is some violence against women which could turn some people off. Australia is as much a character as any of the people in the film.

My parents-in-law made it safely to Ecuador.

I wrote down my list of writing things I need to work on and am slowly working my way through them. I finished a drabble and a big boob story yesterday.

Oh! The first night Zilla wore his t-shirt he decided he needed to go out at 4:30am. I got to see some girl rollerblade down our street, talk to some people in the nearby apartments about someone who tried to pick her up, and then rollerblade back down to Grandview. Sometimes I think no one should believe the things I see but I'm just so darn honest, how could they not?

My husband just reminded me: I finally finished Prague. I'm so ready to pick out my next book to read and get started.
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