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I had a strange dream last night yet I didn't want to get out of bed.  I dreamt my friend living in WI gave birth to twins right after Christmas.  The first baby was normal-baby size.  The second baby was toddler size.  They were only expecting one child.  To keep herself busy, she made Christmas crafts for the baby and now she was going to need to make another set.  

My husband and I were driving down a road and saw an abandoned hotel.  Hardly any place in the parking lot was free of puppies.  There were tons and tons of Dachsunds everywhere.  People were taking the puppies though they were only a few weeks or a few days old.  I got so mad yet I had to close my eyes to keep from getting more upset.  Then the hotel caught on fire.

Then we were helping my friend pack up her minivan with all of the gifts and toys for the twins.  We were loading up the minivan when her mother decided to contact the man down the street about commissioning a handcarved desk.  None of us could figure out why it was so important and had to be done then.  The big baby grew even bigger while we waited.  Suddenly we were in an old Catholic church with adobe walls.  There was a performer who had setup his hand puppets in the nooks in the wall.  He raced from one end to the other so his puppets would greet us.  I think there were 20 of them.

Very odd.

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