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A few weekends ago we were driving home and saw a couple riding Segways down the street. The man was several feet in front of the woman. Something caught our eye though... the woman had her dog on the Segway too! I couldn't tell if it was a poodle or a bichon. I spotted her and the dog again the other night while coming home from work.

I submitted my latest finished story to another market after rejection #1 for it.

Last weekend my husband opened a Full Tilt Poker account as his Monday night games moved to that site. I played a tournament which was fun. Today I slept in until nearly 10:30am and he asked if I wanted to play another tournament as one started in a few minutes and he'd already won the $4 entry fee. I said sure. 100 people signed up and there were 12 tables when I started. When I finished, I was 21st and there were 4 tables left. At one point I was the chip leader! I don't know how I'll be able to play tonight with real people at the table because I can't make fun of them. The avatars on FTP are silly so I make fun of them. "My rock beat your ass, little donkey!"

I have a couple of movies to mention, but I keep forgetting to mention them, so I'll do that later. Last night I missed Clean due to working so late. One encoder had the day off and one of the libraries filled up. Then we found all kinds of bad things in the scheduled ads. It was disappointing because (1) I've been waiting to see this movie for months and (2) I had to make a crappy decision because none of the other departments work as late as ours does.

I've returned to an old friend for my next book to read. Janwillem van de Wetering with Just a Corpse at Twilight. I don't follow too many series but this duo always makes me feel comfortable right away. Today I found out a few of their mysteries have been made into movies and this one is the latest being worked on.

Zilla slept fine in his t-shirt and had it on this morning when he jumped onto the bed. (When my husband leaves, Zilla takes the vacated spot.) When I woke up, he had wiggled out of both sleeves. If I knew how to knit, I'd just make him a tube to cover his chest. Now, I don't think a tube top would be very good looking on him, but I'd remove it when I took him outside!
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