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My husband came home yesterday.  I was so happy!  I went to work (late) and then left just before 10am to get gas and pick him up.  I was a little late and drove around the passenger pick-up before I parked the car.  I found him at the baggage claim.  He looked slim and good.  Walking so much in New York must have been good for him.  We ate lunch together at Wendy's and I dropped him off at his work before I returned to mine.

The rest of the work day was boring.  My boss was supposedly in the office in the morning but I never saw him.  He's on vacation the rest of the week; he'll be salmon fishing.

I wasn't sure what we'd do but I warned my husband that I didn't get a chance to sweep before he came home.  He laughed and said that it looked like a "crazy bomb" had gone off.

He spent most of the night watching the New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox game but we did order chinese and eat together.  Remember the buckeyes?  Well, he managed to spill my hot and sour soup on the dog and the floor.  We all got it on us and the dog had an impromptu bath.  The bath water smelled like hot and sour soup while I was rinsing him off.  My husband pointed out that the bits of egg, carrots, etc. made it look like someone had thrown up on the dog.

I was up far too late packing.

This morning I was so sad to leave him.  Big fat tears rolled down my cheeks at the airport.  We barely got to see each other.  Since this was his first year in NY for their film festival he added a few days because he was so excited.  Next year he might not be gone so long.

The person next to me on the plane to North Carolina was interesting.  He read a hardbound copy of Dragonriders of Pern.  His long brown hair was pulled back from his face with a black plastic headband.  At first I thought he had put it back so he wouldn't get food in it.  (He had cranberry juice with his snack.)  After our snack, he didn't take it off.  I noticed his shoes were dark platform boots with some cut out design showing hot pink socks.

When the plane landed, he motioned for me to enter the aisle and he did the same for his seat mate.  I never got a good look at his face, but with his long leather coat and backpack he could have been Marilyn Manson without the black hair and make-up.

A quick jaunt from North Carolina and I am in Maryland.  Or Washington.  I've never gotten it straight in my head where Reagan International Airport is located.  I just know it's closer to my destination than the Baltimore airport.

My friend J is at the airport baggage claim waiting for me.  His train arrived shortly before my plane landed.  We waited for our hostess to show up.  When I saw her I did not recognize her.  The first year I met her she was pregnant with her second child.  Last year she was no longer pregnant but was losing the weight.  Unlike me she's also more adventureous with her hair.  It was a nice style for her.

We went to McDonald's; probably the slowest one since the one on Fifth Avenue by my apartment was remodeled and lost the title. 

At the house, D was there watching the girls.  M/S, our host, was at work until 4pm.  He is no longer working at Homeland Security and is back at the Pentagon.  He's a contractor/consultant on-site.

J and I play with the girls and get caught up with what has been happening with D over the last year.  He has a new job and he's going to be an uncle again.  J and I keep the girls out of S' hair so she can get some things done.  M/S comes home and we play with the girls some more.  They get put to bed, we order pizza and begin to eat our dinner.  Not long afterwards, TDU and ST show up together.  They're about twelve hours early.  :)

After dinner we play poker until very vrey late.  (comment: 3:30am)  I'm excited to play Texas Hold'Em.  I know how to play and we're not posting blinds.


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