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Another Crazy Dream

I woke up this morning around 5am from a dream. It had a setting like a Real World/Road Rules challenge. The teams were all three people. We did individual things and then after jumping off a waterfall we were to meet up with our team members to strategize about the rest of the course because we'd have to do the rest as a team. My team mates didn't meet up with me. So I ask another team if I was correct in thinking we were supposed to meet and was told I was right. Eventually I find the two of them. One is giving me an exaggerated wink while telling me that I'm not fit to be seen with her much less be on her team. It made me mad. When I walked off the other girl followed me and told me that as the team captain, she hoped I would address the issue.

I went to the producers and told them what happened. They were infuriated; nothing like this had happened on the show before. I told them if she wasn't faking what she said for her "cool friends" on another team that we could do a time penalty. We would all be screwed but it would show the one girl how teamwork works. We all take the same rewards and punishments. That's what they did. The first activity as a team was to compete against another team at volleyball. We sat out until only one team was left. That team was made to wait ten minutes (the average time of the other games) and then got to continue. We had to wait 30 minutes after that. I woke up after that so I don't know if we even placed in the competition.

Yesterday I ordered some mailing labels for my snail mail submissions. It will save me from having to write out my address, at least. :)

We're going out for breakfast and a movie.
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